Solar Batteries

The solar batteries are designed as a consistent, reliable and low maintenance source of storing renewable energy. Available in different capacities, these solar power batteries are used in rural and power deficit areas. These are designed keeping in mind the various requirements of Indian climatic conditions. These rechargeable solar batteries life depends upon the temperature and the number of times it is recharged with the depth of discharge.

ZOOb INDIA Solar BatteriesFeatures

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy installation & Excellent backup
  • Special grid design & Highly reasonable
  • Advanced technology used
  • Corrosion free & Easy to carry
  • Large electrolyte volume


  • Size - 484 x 171 x 241 mm
  • Maximum discharge current - 2400 A (5 s)
  • Nominal capacity - 150 ah/10hr
  • Deep cycle battery - 12 v 200 ah


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