About Rural Solar

At ZOOb INDIA, we specialised in building innovative solutions and programs for rural India and off-grid community to enable access to clean, renewable energy for the community. We provide quality solar power solutions for rural development across the country. These solar solutions are easy to install, reliable and high on performance. Through our rural development solutions, we transformed various villages and fulfil all the energy requirement of the village including domestic and commercial lights, entertainment facilities and intelligent water pumping systems.

ZOOb INDIA Rural Solar Rooftop

Our products provide good quality power in order to keep the work going without any barrier. The electricity in villages opened up employment opportunities for local youth with clean energy generation. The schools run on solar power has led to the development of village children. Solar energy and solar products have a vast usage in rural areas leading to development.

The solar energy is used in solar cooker for cooking, solar water heaters for heating water, solar panels for generating power and there are many other solar energy uses which are becoming a helping hand in rural development. Other important applications of solar power include access to the Internet and television, which can enhance — rural employment, solar-powered basic healthcare centers and solar telecom towers, which have the potential to provide economic and free solutions.

4 Simple Steps to go Solar


We will meet with you to collect data, measure the area, and then decide what products will fit your needs.


Once you are happy with the agreement, sign the proposal, make a down payment & provide your APS login information.


Solar design team will get to work creating your custom solar solution, as well as obtaining installation permits.


Depending on your project size, installation takes about 1-4 days to complete.



Solar Panel (kW) Platinum Package Gold Package SMA Inverter Meter & Grid Connection Designed & Installed by ZOOb INDIA
2kW Panel 8 x 320 W Total- 2.56 kW 11kWh 8 x 260 W Total- 2.08 kW 8.1kWh 1 x 2.0 kW Yes Yes
3kW Panel 10 x 330 W Total- 3.3 kW 13.76kWh 12 x 260 W Total- 3.12 kW 12.16kWh 1 x 3.0 kW Yes Yes
4kW Panel 13 x 320 W Total- 4.29 kW 17.88kWh 16 x 260 W Total- 4.16kW 15.6kWh 1 x 4.0 kW Yes Yes
5kW Panel 16 x 320 W Total-5.12 kW 22.01kWh 20 x 260 W Total- 5.2 kW 20.3kWh 1 x 5.0 kW Yes Yes

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