Who We Are

Solar-PowerZoob INDIA, rapid growing solar  solution provider, is a truly technology and innovation driven company. It is a leading manufacturer of intelligent power backup and solar products, engineered to be energy-efficient and environment-friendly. Our companies are engaged into design, manufacturing, supplying, installation, testing & commissioning of various type of solar product & services for Roof top and Utility Projects. EPC services for all Renewal Energy project, Electrical panels, HT /LT Electrical power cables & conductors, circuit backer , inverters, MPPT, Charge controller and etc.Our highly skilled, licensed and experienced engineers are able to provide seamless project management from the smallest installation and repair to larger scale projects throughout the greater Sydney metropolitan area and beyond.

More About ZOOb

Our Vision

Perfect and Free electricity for every person, every place”. Our planet is our legacy, and there’s only one. The extensive use of fossil fuel energy has caused irreversible damage. The more we wait, the worse it will get. California’s Central Coast receives a practically unlimited amount of sunlight- why wouldn’t we harness it to do our part to protect the environment? Together, let’s choose a more responsible way to power our lives: Let’s go solar.

Our Mission

Making clean and green electricity an unlimited resource, anywhere sun shine.


Integrity / Accountability / Transparency last but the best is quality

Our Commitment

Every person on this earth should have perfected and free electric city. With SOURCE this is possible.

Our Guiding Principles

Free & Independence Electricity Perfecting Solar System, Truly Renewable Electricity, Every Person, Every Place

Our Strengths

Competitive Price

We are the leading market leader in providing a one-stop solution for in the solar Power field with the best industry practices and quality product and services at competitive prices to the customer.

Expert Professional Team

We are having a skilled team of designers and project managers having the expertise and practical installation experience in handling the DC and AC side of the solar power plant.

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