About Residential Solar Roof Top

ZOOb INDIA Group has been providing electrical solutions for home owners. We pride ourselves on personalised service, punctuality and efficiency. Whether you’re a home-owner, investor or a manager of residential premises, ZOOb INDIA Group is dedicated to taking care of all your electrical requirements. We have five experienced teams to provide both scheduled service, installations and emergency services, from installing that extra powerpoint you need in the study to rewiring your home to ensure the safety of your family.

ZOOb INDIA Residential Solar Rooftop

Residential Rooftop Solar will act as an important agent in the urban transformation by harnessing the renewable energy source (solar) and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases such as COx, SOx and NOx. Installing a 3 kWp solar system reduces the emission of COx (greenhouse gas) by 3700 kgs and is equivalent to planting 170 mature trees.

Adoption of Residential Solar is poised to grow significantly over the next few years – rising power costs and focus on sustainable development are enhancing the case. It makes a good business case for Residential Buildings and Societies to go for Rooftop Solar. As the rooftop has zero opportunity cost it could be utilized to generate power and meet their electricity requirements – thereby using an idle asset.

Best Features In

Residential Solar Roof Top

Energy Security

Whether a home is on the electricity grid or whether it is off the grid in full, solar panels provide energy security. It will simply rise & shine.

Operation Is Silent

Solar panels do not make any noise at all. The energy simply comes from the sun, which they harness and deliver to you.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels do not require a lot of maintenance. Once they are installed, you only have to maintain them once per year.

Consistent Power Source

We understand the sun so well and consistent that we can used it to project seasonal sunlight and predict the weather.

Protects Your Roof

Once the panels have been installed, they offer a degree of protection to your roof as well. This is because they will create a protective barrier.

Highly Durable

A good quality solar panel should easily last a quarter of a century, if not more. In fact, lots of solar panels live longer than roofs.


Residential solar packages

Solar Panel (kW) Platinum Package Gold Package SMA Inverter Meter & Grid Connection Designed & Installed by ZOOb INDIA
2kW Panel 8 x 330 W Total- 2.64 kW 11.35kWh 8 x 260 W Total- 2.08 kW 8.1kWh 1 x 2.0 kW Yes Yes
3kW Panel 10 x 330 W Total- 3.3 kW 14.19kWh 12 x 260 W Total- 3.12 kW 12.16kWh 1 x 3.0 kW Yes Yes
4kW Panel 13 x 330 W Total- 4.29 kW 18.44kWh 16 x 260 W Total- 4.16kW 15.6kWh 1 x 5.0 kW Yes Yes
5kW Panel 16 x 330 W Total-5.28 kW 22.70kWh 20 x 260 W Total- 5.2 kW 20.3kWh 1 x 5.0 kW Yes Yes

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